Injection moulds production

A major part of the company’s business is manufacturing injection moulds regenerating, repairing and servicing them.

However, always having comprehensive customer service in mind, Formplus also provides a wide range of services either directly or indirectly related to the manufacturing of injection moulds process:

  • comprehensive designing of plastic products as well as modifications of existing projects,
  • drawing of documents of construction of the injection moulds,
  • plastic injection moulding,
  • IML (In-Mould Labeling) robots for automation of the process of decorating items made of plastic, production process automatization and robotic assembly stands.

Evidence to high quality of our products and services is the number of customers from Poland and many European Union, for whom we manufacture injection moulds to be used in the production of household goods, packaging, engineering products and automotive parts.

Formplus also provides services in machining. Please visit: “Services”

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